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Red Rising

Red Rising is the first book of a trilogy that is based several centuries into the future, yet feels like ancient Roman culture mixed with the Lord of the Flies. After about 50 pages, I was completely hooked and could not put the book down. I ordered the other two books before I even finished the first one. I’ll keep the synopsis brief because I hate when assholes give away major plot lines during the review. It’s like showing the entire bear attack scene during the trailer of the Revenant.  

Darrow is a Helldiver, a red...the lowest color in a caste-society, born into the mines of Mars as a slave to drill and make the planet suitable for the higher colors. Despite the technological advances of the human race, Darrow and his people live simple, hard working lives where they get hanged for miniscule acts of rebellion against the Golds and higher colors. One fateful afternoon, the Gold’s ArchGoverner visits Darrow’s town and changes his life forever. Darrow is quickly recruited by an underground rebellion group and will stop at nothing until the Golds are dethroned and the Reds rise.