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Guy-Supply is a central hub for gear for men. We provide personal reviews of the products we use everyday to live an adventurous lifestyle. 

About Us

The Story: Like all great ideas, Guy Supply began with our friends.  On a recent ski trip, my buddy was unpacking his bag and pulled out a contraption neatly housing all his electronics and accessories in one place.  Immediately I needed one, and  less than five minutes later my order was confirmed on Amazon and would be waiting at my front door when I got home.  Thinking about this later that day, I realized there have been countless times our friends have asked “Where did you get that?” or said, “Check out what I just got, you’ll love it!”  Then it hit us: we needed a place to endorse our gear and gadgets with honest reviews and share cool shit with our growing group of friends.  We are far from materialistic, but we recognize that useful gear can help every man find, follow, and fuel his next big adventure. And with that, Guy Supply was born.

Who Are We? Guy Supply is founded and run by two brothers in pursuit of the ultimate lifestyle. Inspired by friends and fueled by adrenaline, we are redefining what it means to be a weekend warrior.  We work our asses off during the week to fund our fast-paced hobbies on the weekends.

We live for new and exciting experiences, and the supplies we use everyday play an essential role in maximizing each adventure.   We have a passion for sharing the things we love and find useful.  Everything we recommend looks cool, works great, and is personally owned and used by us.  We want to share our opinions with you on affordable gear to let average guys live the lifestyle they want.


Chris :Co-Founder

Stomping Grounds: Pittsburgh, PA

Self proclaimed Adrenaline Junkie | Amateur Woodworker

Pond Skim Champion | Skydiver | Taco Connoisseur

Beer Enthusiast | Aspiring World Traveler

Lover of all things Larry David | Music Fanatic

"I’m getting maximum enjoyment out of life and I’ll never stop" -Shane McConkey


Reid: Co-Founder

Stomping Grounds: Nashville, TN

Motorcycle Rider| Tech Geek | Adventurer

Avid Skier | Sailor | Rec Sports Champion

Aspiring to be in the first group to colonize Mars

“I’m afraid that if I stop drinking now the cumulative hangover will literally kill me” - Archer



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