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Metal Collar Extenders for Dress Shirts

You have a well tailored suit, freshly polished wing-tips, impeccable shirt and tie combo, straight from the barber hair-cut, but you can’t button the top button on your dress shirt: ultimate vibe kill.  As you strain in the mirror, holding your breath and trying not to break a sweat, there is nothing more frustrating than that last button not quite reaching the hole. Whether you have been cranking out too many deadlifts, slamming back Bud-Diesels at the bar, or a combination of the two, you don't want to look like a slob that can’t button that top button.  These handy stainless steel extenders add an extra ½” to your collar, giving you the breathing room that you need.  Next time you get suited up, feel as good as you look.


$11.95 $14.95